About Me

Meet Kimberly

Hi! I'm Kimberly Schwarzkopf, and I am thrilled you’re here! I’m a mixed media whimsical artist, and I paint out of my home studio in the woods of Mississippi.  I've been in love with art for as long as I can remember and am self-taught through many years of refining my drawing and color skills through observation. Now, I balance my love of creating with being a mom of 5 kids and soaking up every moment I can. From a young age I was drawn to things that sparked wonder within me, whether a fairy tale, butterflies or costume jewelry that sparkled in the sun.  Nothing compared to animals though.. I was absolutely mesmerized by them and still am. I drew them as often as I could for as long as allowed, trying to capture that wonderful thing that drew me to them.  My art naturally reflects that same sense of wonder and curiosity, and I hope to convey it to others.

My Story

Coming from humble beginnings in a single parent home, I spent much of my childhood sketching and coloring anything and everything that interested me (which was mostly animals, haha). My mom couldn’t afford extracurricular activities for us, so I would draw for hours after school, coming up with little stories for my drawings. I fell in love with all things animal: fins, fur, wings, claws, teeth, noses, and their eyes.. oh, how I love painting eyes.  I also was drawn to books, especially ones with detailed illustrations.  They fueled my fire to learn how to capture the essence of wonder I found there.

And that’s what drives me now: the craving for wonder that is so strong inside me (and I believe it exists in all of us). I truly believe there is a longing in the human heart for something wonderful, and I hope to keep that alive in myself and others.  It’s why many of us love a good romantic story or a dazzling sunset on the beach or a drone picture of a mountain top.  With my art I seek to bring a sense of wonder and possibility to the reader through whimsical curiosity.  Life is so demanding, and I feel like the older we get the harder it gets for many of us.  Through my art I seek to add something beautiful in the world that, if even for a moment, lifts one’s burden and brightens their heart with a spark of wonder.




"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men" Colossians 3:23