Hi! I'm Kimberly Schwarzkopf, a full-time, free-lance and self-employed artist. Having drawn and painted almost my entire life, I have developed strong color knowledge, drawing skills and a personal style that characterizes my artwork. I love details and try and work those into everything I paint!
Being a self-taught artist I have been drawing as long as I can remember with my inspirations being M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, the Discovery Channel and newspaper cartoons.  My favorite medium to work with is acrylics on either canvas or wood, but I also love sketching with graphite and working with inks too. 
I sell originals and giclee prints mounted on wood of almost all my work.  My husband, Robert, and I make all the wood blocks ourselves from start to finish. He cuts the wood, then I take over! I'm honored to say I'm an international artist with my art being in countless private collections.
I was born and raised near Houston, TX and now reside near Jackson, Mississippi with Robert and our 4 great kiddos.  When I'm not painting or drawing, I like to hang out with my family, read (literally anything), enjoy good comedy and explore nature.​​​​​​
Within the animal kingdom there is much curiosity, emotion, and ingenuity. This, combined with an admiration of the beauty of animals, has always captivated me and set my imagination on fire. From an early age, I have been compelled to draw and paint imaginary conceptions regarding animals.  My art highly reflects my own life experiences, so as life is not always serious, my art isn’t either.  I also enjoy personifying animals and creating new ones while using puns (such as Rhinocorn).  My artwork is highly detailed while remaining whimsical and vibrant, with much of it including a narrative.  While I mostly work with acrylics on canvas or wood, I will sometimes create a piece with pen or pencil on paper, depending on how the concept would be best expressed.  Much of my art is purely intended to entertain through imaginative depictions (such as animals interacting with various human objects) while the rest of my art illustrates deeper implications (for example, a grounded Pegasus symbolizing unrealized potential). Hidden images and symbolism are sometimes used, but not always.  Either way, my primary focus remains the same, to warm others’ hearts while deepening our perspective of animals and of ourselves.

Exhibition History
2019 – Present – From the Heart Gallery, Gallery Artist – Galveston, TX, USA.
2015 – 2019 – Affaire d'Art Gallery, Gallery Artist – Galveston, TX, USA.
2017 – Water 2 Wine “Birds and Booze – Solo Show” Houston, TX, USA.​​​​​​​
2017 – Affaire d’Art Gallery “Birds and Booze – Solo Show” Galveston, TX, USA.
2017 – Town in City Brewing “Schwarzkopf Solo Show” Houston, TX, USA.
2016 – Affaire d’Art Gallery “Wildly Whimsical – Solo Show” Galveston, TX, USA.
2016 – Affaire d’Art Gallery “Through the Lens” Galveston, TX, USA.
2015 – Sugar Land Art Gallery “Schwarzkopf Solo Show” Sugar Land, TX, USA.
2015 – JoMar Visions “Veiled Truths – Solo Show” Houston, TX, USA.
2014 – JoMar Visions “Black and White” Houston, TX, USA.
2014 – JoMar Visions “Show It Don’t Say It” Houston, TX, USA.
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